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Fullerton College: Student Athlete Success Orientation

Dr. Mark Robinson will be on the campus of Fullerton College to deliver his Athletic Identity presentation for student athletes and the campus community.  So far, over 400 books have been pre-ordered for this event. Read More…

Elaine Pasqua: 65 Campuses and Counting

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Elaine Pasqua is considered one of the best in the industry of Personal Player Development.  If your working with athletes on the collegiate or professional level and don't know her name, you are not doing your job. Read More…

Erica Cenci, Memoir of an Athlete, A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Erica, As I write to you today, I am 31 years old. You graduated from Purdue University nearly nine years ago (which seems like forever now). A lot has happened to you since then, too -- a husband, a sweet baby girl, a dog, the start of a career, the change of career path, two house purchases, four different homes (and cities) and several
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Jonathan Orr: Memoir of An Athlete, Struggle and Strategy, Transition to Life After Football

Jonathan Orr- Clemson - Edited
Jonathan Orr- Clemson - Edited I had made the drive up Evergreen Street to Henry Ford High
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Twitter Chat, Let's Start the Conversation, #AthleticIdentity

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all three Following the launch of my book, Read More…

Carlyle Carter, President of the CCCAA

In my book on Athletic Identity,  I examine the programs an services offered under the personal development umbrella for
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Presentation and Book Signing Feedback

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try this I would strongly recommend Athletic Departments schedule and make this seminar mandatory for its' student-athletes.  Our
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Daphanie Kennedy: Memoir of an Athlete, A Day to Be Great

_PV16606 Playing basketball is my passion and has always been my first love. Growing up in West Oakland, Ca, the neighborhood
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