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The Coach, the Job, the Athlete and Personal Development: Lamonte Winston, Oakland Raiders Director of Player Engagement



  How do coaches feel when they lose a job?
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Travis Smith, Expressing the need for Personal Player Development Research

headshot Travis Smith is the Student-Athlete Support Services Coordinator at Indiana State University and also the founder of
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Susan Salzbrenner, Cultural Intelligence for the Athlete

  IMG_048 Understanding culture and new environments is necessary for individuals who participate in sports.  Read More…

Sports Do Not Have A Domestic Violence Problem

In 2014 we witnessed a number of issues and concerns in sports, specifically issues surrounding domestic violence and criminal activity of current and former players. Athletes today have made it easy for the media and sports journalists to claim the athletic sector has a domestic violence problem. The NFL has had this issue for many years, but
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Indiana Basketball and Tradition

Bob Knight
Bob Knight The events involving players on the Indiana University basketball team have created a list
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Dominic Artis and Personal Development

What services are afforded to student athletes when they make poor decisions? What are the needs of student athletes who compete at the high level of collegiate sports and, more importantly, who is given the charge of providing developmental methods to ensure better decisions are made in the future? This clip of Dominic Artis provides much-needed
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Holding kids back a grade or two to excel in sport?

holding kids back
holdingI noticed a headline on that read,“The New White
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Brady Rourke, Associate Athletic Director of Student Services for West Virginia University

Brady Rourke
HEADER-IMAGE Brady Rourke is the Associate Athletic Director of Student Services for West Virginia
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