Student-Athlete Expectations: Are We Meeting Them In Time For Senior Night?

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Jim Carr, President of the National Association of Intercollegiate

Jim Carr is the current President of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

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Athletic Identity—A Good Place To Start

Helping student and professional athletes develop personally is a difficult task for a variety of reasons. Often, helping professionals are unsure where to start in the helping relationship.

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Senior Night

My intention was to watch a boys high school basketball game but on arrival there was a close and intense girls game being played. As my son and I watched the end of the girls game, it was announced that this was Senior Night.

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Personal Player Development And The High School Athlete

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Cynthia Barboza, One Of The Best

Cynthia was the youngest member on the USA women's national training team that earned a bronze medal at the 2003 Pan American Games.

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Greg Taylor, Senior VP Of Player Development For The NBA

Greg Taylor, the Senior Vice President of Player Development for the National Basketball Association, gives PPD Mag an interview on Personal Player Development at the NBA level and the future of the programs and services offered to the pros.
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Dan Dakich Of ESPN On The Transformation

PPD Mag was able to catch Mr. Dakich just before he was due to air his popular radio show to get his take on the stress of coaching, conference realignment and of course personal player development.
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The Rise Of The NEW School Student-Athlete

It is no longer hip to make reference to the old school way of doing business as far as the student-athlete experience, thanks to the social media take-over.
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Bob Knight Makes No Sense At All

It was clear to me that Coach Knight ran a tight ship when it came to academics, behavioral and social issues and since I was not a basketball player, I knew this would be somewhat of a problem for me.
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Memoirs Of An Athlete: Donnie Tasser

An athlete’s body is their livelihood, their instrument of success. Countless hours are spent honing it, shaping it, creating that pure muscle memory needed for those intense situations you train specifically for; those big moments when thoughts are the enemy and your body is just supposed to know what to do.
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Helping Athletes

Athletes need help before, during and after a sporting career. From the high school athlete to the professional athlete, they all are unique. Dr. Mark is an expert in the field of assisting in the Personal, Social and Professional development for athletes.