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Carlyle Carter, President of the CCCAA

In my book on Athletic Identity,  I examine the programs an services offered under the personal development umbrella for
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Presentation and Book Signing Feedback

try this
try this I would strongly recommend Athletic Departments schedule and make this seminar mandatory for its' student-athletes.  Our
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Daphanie Kennedy: Memoir of an Athlete, A Day to Be Great

_PV16606 Playing basketball is my passion and has always been my first love. Growing up in West Oakland, Ca, the neighborhood
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Camala Beek: Memoir of an Athlete, Almost Ordinary

photo-1My story isn’t one filled with “success”, National Championships or Division l glory, but rather one with struggles
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Dr. Kristina M. Navarro, Academics and Athletics

KRISTINA NAVARRO3 Dr. Navarro is currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Education and
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Dominic Artis: From One Athlete To Another

Athletes are often asked to make special appearances and engage in community service.  This is just one of the perks athletes are afforded.  However for some athletes it can be somewhat of a burden.  Dominic Artis (DA) does not see it as a burden in fact he welcomes the opportunity to speak to young students specifically athletes about the ups
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The Coach, the Job, the Athlete and Personal Development: Lamonte Winston, Oakland Raiders Director of Player Engagement



  How do coaches feel when they lose a job?
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Charles Way, NFL Player Engagement Director

charles_way_13_print-e1422911380539 Personal development programing
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